Rules, Regulations, and Format


  • All players (excluding juniors) will be divided into six teams, consisting of 6 Men’s Division I (D1) players, 10 Men’s Division II (D2) players, and 2 ladies
  • Teams will face off against each other in ties, where there will be nine matches:
    • Men’s Division I: 1 singles match and 2 doubles matches
    • Men’s Division II: 1 singles match and 4 doubles matches
    • Ladies: 1 singles or doubles match
      • The one ladies match will alternate between a singles and doubles match every round
    • Lineups for each tie will be submitted 45 minutes prior to the start of matches
      • For the men’s’ doubles matches, each teams’ doubles pairs must be ordered (1-2 in Division I and 1-4 in Division II) by the average NTRP rating of the doubles pair such that the first pair has an equal or higher rating than the second pair, the second pair must have an equal or higher rating than the third pair, and so on.
    • Every match will be a pro set up to eight games, with a sudden-death point after two deuces
      • Pro set must be won by at least two games (i.e. 8-6, 8-5, etc.), if tied at 7-7 -> 7-point tiebreaker
    • Matches will start at the half hour and players will have 5 minutes to warm up before starting their set
      • With 5 minutes remaining, the buzzer will sound, and players should finish one more point before stopping (the team leading will win the set).
    • Each match is worth one point and the team that wins the most matches in the tie wins
    • In each round, each team will have to rest one D1 and one D2 player
      • A player who has been rested cannot be rested again until all other players have been rested (unless a player is injured or completely unavailable)
        • This applies throughout (round robin and knockout stage) the tournament

Round Robin:

  • Each team will face off against the 5 other teams in round robin play starting Friday afternoon and concluding Sunday morning
  • The teams will then be ranked based on their tie win-loss record
    • In cases where teams have the same record, the following tiebreakers will be applied (in the below order):
      • Head-to-head record (between teams that are tied)
      • Sets won percentage
      • Games won percentage

Knockout Stage:

  • The teams ranked first and second will earn byes to the semifinals while the remaining four teams will face off in the quarterfinals.
  • The tie format will remain the same (9 matches) with the exception being that the ladies matches will be exclusively doubles matches in the knockout stages.
  • Bracket: 

Juniors Format:

  • Juniors will face off against other juniors’ in their division (Regular Ball or Green Dot Ball) in singles sets up to 6 games.
  • Schedule:
    • Friday: Coaching session and skills games
    • Saturday: Round robin matches
    • Sunday: Knockout stage