Rules & Regulations


(These rules & regulations are subject to change, per hosting city)

There will be 3 events that will take place simultaneously for Masumeen Cup XI in Chicago on May 27-29.

  1. Men’s Tournament,
  2. Ladies Tournament
  3. Junior Tennis Clinics


This year’s format will be a Doubles Team Tournament with multiple teams. Each team will be made up of players with a range of skill levels. Therefore, each team will have players from all skill levels- 4.5+, 4.0, 3.5 and 3.0. Players will register as individuals rather than as doubles partners. Players will be required to also give their USTA ranking when registering.

Teams in the men’s draw will be selected by a committee that will include representatives from all cities who can verify the ability levels of the registered players. The total number of teams will be based on the number of individual entries into the tournament. Each team will have a mix of players from different cities rather than having teams made up of players from only one city.

There will be 10 players per team. This will allow players to play with and get to know other players that they would not normally interact or play with. All matches will be an 8 game Pro Set


During the first two days of the tournament, teams will participate in a round robin format playing matches within their own tier. The purpose of the round robin format is to determine the seedings for the elimination round to be played on Sunday.


Teams will play each other in a knockout round


Each player will play with a different partner every match for the first 2 days. Everyone will play 2 matches on Friday and 3 matches on Saturday. There will be one match on Sundays which will serve as the finals for the ladies’ tournament. There will be two teams (4 players on each team) that will play in the finals. The makeup of the teams will be determined by the organizing committee based on the results of match play on Friday and Saturday.

All matches will be an 8 game Pro Set


In lieu of tennis tournament, there will be clinics for the juniors to sharpen their tennis skills


Warm up time: 5 Minutes

Tennis Balls will be provided.

Water will be available on the grounds.

Introduce yourselves to each other prior to match

All matches are an 8 game pro-set.

  • An 8 Game pro-set is a race to 8 games. The first team to win 8 games wins the match.
  • The teams shall change sides at the end of the first, third and every subsequent odd game of each set.
  • After 2 deuces- the receiving team can decide who will receive and that will serve as the last point of the game
  • If the score reaches 7-7, a 7-point tiebreaker is played to determine the winner.
  • During a tie-break game, players shall change ends after every six points.

After the last point of the match- come to the net quickly and fist bump (rather than shake hands)

After the conclusion of the match– be sure to report your scores to the front desk

Talk quietly when standing near tennis courts that are in use

Don’t walk across the back of another court until the players have finished playing a point

Accept all calls made by your opponent. If the ball touches any part of the line, it is good.

Out calls should be made immediately. If in doubt, you should continue playing the point.

No referees in the initial rounds unless specifically requested for, in which case, the player/team not playing will be expected to referee. The Referee’s decision is final.

Players are required to be available 30 minutes prior to their scheduled matches in case the previous match/matches finishes earlier, otherwise you forfeit the match.

USTA rules apply – Please click on the link below for the USTA rules.

We request that tennis being a gentleman’s sport that sportsmanship and tennis court conduct prevail at all times both on and off the court.

If there is a dispute, please address issues to one of the organizers.

All players who participate in any way in this tournament assume all risks and liabilities; and hold the tournament, tournament organizers, and any tournament representative harmless from loss or damage to personal property or injury.


The host city has a right to add/modify any of the rules anytime and their decision will be final. In the event of any dispute, the Masumeen Cup Organizing Committee & Hosting City decision will be final.