About Masumeen Cup

In 2009, three friends got together, to answer one simple question. How can we bring brothers from across the land? It was the love for tennis and brotherhood that they decided, in keeping a team tennis tournament, it will be a way to make new friends, rekindle old acquaintances, and make lasting memories. It was a competition that will bring tennis players, from different cities, to compete in tennis.

We wanted it to be a team tennis tournament, as it was a good way to test all levels of skills, teamwork, and bonding.

It was decided that a five person team would compete. The reason for it being a team even, than solo players, was to have that team togetherness and above all, brotherhood.
“One of the reasons, we made it a team tennis tournament than individual tennis tournament, was because it requires each team to be strategic, as it requires all the players to play their best to win.”

We have had a number of cities to host, Orlando, Toronto, and Chicago. And, every year the tournament gets better, and competition more fierce and intense.

The first city to host was beautiful sunny Orlando.

Sweetwater Golf & Country club was rented exclusively for the tournament. Eight clay courts, clubhouse, and three days of fun.

The second city to host was multi-cultural Toronto. It did not require alot of convincing for players to sign up to play in Toronto, with their amazing hospitality, delicious food, and championship indoor courts.

The third city to join the Masumeen cup hosting city is windy Chicago. The city, the people, and the scenery made Chicago, a great city. The organizers, also organized the first youth tennis competition. Most say, that was the highlight of the tournament.